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Embryo Donation International (EDI)

What Is Embryo Donation?

Embryos are created through the Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). In order to minimize multiple pregnancies, excess embryos are cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen for future use. Eventually, a caring and compassionate couple, the Donating Parents, decide to donate these frozen embryos. Rather than destroy the embryos or donate them to science, the Donating Parents believe their cryopreserved embryos deserve a chance at life and a needy individual or couple deserve a chance at parenthood. It is a wonderful and amazing gift.

Learn the differences between Embryo Adoption and Embryo Donation and why it is not Embryo Adoption.

Why Embryo Donation Here at SRMS?

While there may be a limited number of programs which perform embryo donation, there are a few reasons you may want to consider Specialists in Reproductive Medicine & Surgery's program, Embryo Donation International:

  • You may now complete the embryo donation process here at SRMS on-line.
  • The EDI program is easily accessible though this web site at no charge to the recipients. This increases the likelihood that the embryos will be chosen by qualifying recipients and find a wonderful home.
  • In addition to having a number of embryos available for donation from our own patients, SRMS will also accept cryopreserved Donated Embryos from other ART facilities. No matter how unlikely, many Donating Parents are hesitant to donate close to home for fear of eventually meeting these offspring or having the offspring potentially marry their current children.
  • EDI does not charge a "middle-man" fee in the Embryo Donation process, thereby decreasing the costs to the Embryo Recipient.
  • EDI will allow the Donating Parents to have their embryos returned upon request, assuming that they have not already been transferred.
  • EDI agrees to help all parties keep track of newly diagnosed genetic problems in the Embryo Donor family or the Embryo Recipient offspring.
  • Florida has excellent legal statutes that protect many sets of circumstances, which make it a safe haven in which to donate and receive embryos.
  • EDI has an extraordinarily well organized and successful Embryo Donation Program, which will help to make certain that all steps of the Embryo Donation process run smoothly.
  • While some embryo donation programs limit the donors and recipients to be a certain religion, we here at SRMS/EDI do not. In fact, we open our practice to all those interested in donating and receiving embryos regardless of race, religion or marital status.
  • SRMS has a history of being an "Embryo Advocate" by discussing the fate of abandoned embryos and trying to change current standards regarding the automatic disposal of the abandoned embryo.

Please keep in mind that we will accept qualifying cryopreserved donated embryos from other ART programs. All transport and handling fees will be paid by SRMS/EDI. The Donating Parents, at this time, will not be paid (i.e., "Donation"). If you know someone who does not want to use their cryopreserved embryos but does not feel comfortable destroying them or donating them within their own community, please have them visit the web site here and consider the SRMS Embryo Donation Program. Only if word gets out (word-of-mouth & chat rooms) will SRMS be assured of having enough donated embryos to meet demand.

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If you have additional questions, please call us at 239-275-8118

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